Finding Meaning in the Middle

I️ remember taking a future career placement/aptitude test back in middle school and getting results that placed me in every field under the sun, from film director to accountant. Why was I️ taking a test like this in middle school? I️ still don’t know, but it was the beginning of the middle for me.

The 5 Love Languages

I️ have always felt that I️ can pick up most anything well enough, or that I️ know a little about a lot, but I️ am not amazing at any one particular thing. In high school, I️ did well in all subjects but wasn’t particularly drawn to, or challenged by, one over another. In every aptitude test I’ve ever taken to try and get some clarity on the direction I️ should take my life, I️ have always ended up in the middle of the sliding bars for almost all categories. Even in The 5 Love Languages test, I️ tied for 3 out of the 5 languages while my friends all clearly had a top result.

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What Running Taught Me About Love

If you would’ve asked me 3 years ago if I️ was a runner, I️ would have definitely laughed in your face. The idea of sweating, cramping and being sore was not appealing to me whatsoever. I️ really didn’t understand runners, and the joy they found in battering their muscles and bones against the pavement.


So, what got me out on the trails? A boy. Yeah, typical I️ know. I️ had just gotten out of a hard relationship with a messy breakup, and I️ was ready to unleash my revenge bod (as Khloé Kardashian would say) on that boy who didn’t know what he had when he had it.

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Legacy of Joy

Recently I️ was posed with the question, “What do you believe in, and why do you believe it?” This turned out to be a deeply hard and complex question, because on the surface it would seem I️ believe a lot of things. I️ believe in education, I️ believe in love, I️ believe you can’t beat a North Carolina sunset, I️ believe in giving back, I️ believe your toenails should always be painted, I️ believe laughter is the shortest distance between two people, I️ believe travel opens eyes, minds and hearts, I️ believe in friendship, and the list could go on. But to find a singular answer I️ had to dig beneath all of those things. Why do all of those things matter to me?

And I️ came to the conclusion that I️ believe in the pursuit of joy.

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