Project Management

The Badges of Honor 🥇

The Ask

During a two-week advertising campaign competition put on by Indoor Recess, I worked as a Project Manager for (the kick-butt, rockstar, award-winning) Team 9 to help research, plan, coordinate, and deliver a timely, creative and on-brief pitch to our client Color of Change.

Color of Change asked us to highlight the rise of hate crimes on college campuses, and call out administrations who are too slow to act. We said #ShameOnU. 👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

Slide Deck
[Click image for the full PDF slide deck. *This is spec work created for the Indoor Recess competition.]

The Project Management 👩🏼‍💻

My co-Project Manager, Krisha Jariwala, and I️ worked tirelessly to:

  1. Organize project timelines, schedule team meetings, and track digital assets.
  2. Create a budget and timeline that took into consideration the range of universities found in the U.S. From small colleges (<1,000 enrolled students), to large universities (>50,000 enrolled students), we wanted to provide a transferable blueprint that could be easily replicated whenever and wherever an incident of racial discrimination occurs. We researched vendors, allocated budget, and defined the logistics for pulling off OOH, print, and digital spends.
  3. Define KPIs. We thought through what success would really mean for the client’s ask and decided that audience action from awareness was most important to track. We defined success in conversions, namely, form fills (petitions signed) and email sends.

The Praise 👏🏽 

So yeah, together we produced a pretty awesome campaign. But don’t just take my word for it…

“I️ had the great pleasure to be able to watch some incredible up and coming talent create some thought-provoking work for Indoor Recess, a virtual pitch competition for those ready to learn and make a dent in the ad world. These recent grads are ready to take the world by storm with their amazing ideas and open minds to collaborative working environments. If you are looking for fresh talent ready to jump in a run with any type of client ask please contact these copywriters, art directors, strategists, account leads and project managers. I can’t give them enough props for the work they were able to do in a two week period and in this remote WFH situation. I would recommend this group for those who are looking to shake up their current team with innovative and disruptive thinking. Jennifer LatorracaElizabeth UstinovMaura MunafIsabella CiardelliKristen WongSamantha KuoKrisha JariwalaLindsey FalgoustEmily Claire Smith, and Tanner Todd.”

~Jennifer Farnworth-Komar

“I️ do want to comment on why Team 9 may have won as the judge’s pick. Because the rubric considered many different aspects beyond creative [and] beyond strategy (it also took into consideration the presentation, the campaign itself and the media plan) Team 9, which was the #ShameOnU campaign, is something that can be universal. There wasn’t a big budget where it was focused only on one univeristy – it was something that you could actually bring to all the universities. I️ think that the fact that it was a digital first campaign is why many judges believed that this one was the most feasible and something that can actually cause a lot of change across the board.”

~Johnny Thai, Co-Founder of Indoor Recess

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