Media Law

MEJO 314: Fall 2019

This was the hardest, but probably most rewarding, class I️ have taken in at Carolina. This course explored the delicate balance that exists between freedom and control of the media, as well as offered an overview of First Amendment law as it relates to Ad/PR and strategic communication professionals.

Specifically, through Case Study Law, we learned the ins and outs of:

  1. Libel                    6. Net Neutrality
  2. Defamation        7. Copyright
  3. Privacy                8. Trademark
  4. Indecency           9. Commercial Speech
  5. Obscenity           10. Prior Restraint

The most important takeaways from this class, in my opinion, were the many discussions around the importance of free expression in a democracy. We looked at this issue through an array of legal doctrines and philosophies, but were also made to question our own thoughts and beliefs. 

We learned how our legal system works in a self-governing democracy in order to be able to identify and evaluate many of the practical legal issues that impact communications professionals but also to protect our “constitutional and legal rights as informed and participatory advocates, media professionals, and citizens” (Dr. Amanda Reid – the best professor I️ have ever had.)

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