Segments Worth Sharing

Every morning I️ start my day with a strong cup of coffee, a piece of peanut butter toast and the morning news.

I️ noticed that I️ kept saving story names and URLs in my phone to reference “one day” or maybe share on social “at some point”, but never did. And then I️ thought, ‘why not make a running blog post for them?’

So, without further ado, here are some (mostly news, but also podcast, documentary or YouTube) segments that I️ have found inspirational, informative, funny or – in some other way – worth sharing.

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LIII: The Sexless Super Bowl

I️ can’t really call myself a football fan per se, but I️ definitely watch the Super Bowl every year with friends and family. It’s a social tradition and annual celebration of America, good food and fun.

Of course, I️ also watch the Super Bowl for… the commercials. I’m in it for the humor, the heartstring tugs, and the cute puppies. I️ also find these 30-second pitches so interesting because they are a reflection of America’s culture and climate at that moment in history. This year, women were on center stage for one of the biggest, if not the biggest, masculine performances ever created. AND I️ LOVED IT!

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Feeling Flooded

Written May 3rd, 2020 | 2:45AM | 7 Days until Graduation

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a planner. I️ guess I️ get that from my mother. The woman who has every area of her life labeled, color-coded, and filed away in alphabetized tabs.

That quality used to annoy me, but here I️ am. I️ guess we do all turn into our mothers sooner or later. Or at least versions of them.

So here I️ am. The planner. With all my plans losing their footing. Not only plan A, but B and C and D too. Because as every good planner knows, you never have just one plan. You have backups. And backups for your backups.

But all my backups have lost their backing.

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Crash Campaign: Hour by Hour

24-hour marketing competition. ~45 minutes of sleep. 1 complete campaign.

Completing this challenge pushed me past what I thought I was capable of and made me grow both personally and professionally along the way.

I️ learned how to work under pressure, pay excruciating attention to detail (there’s no time to re-do if you mess up), be creative in both a realistic and efficient way, work with a diverse group of individuals I️ did not know 24-hours prior, and even have some fun – or at least an immense sense of satisfaction – after completing (AND WINNING!) this marathon that was somehow simultaneously a sprint.

Hour-by-hour this is Crash Campaign from the inside. Check out my Instagram, @eclairetravels, to see the full story under the highlight “Carroll Hall”.

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NOLA: Top 5 Spots to Eat & Drink

One of our local Uber drivers said it best when she chuckled, “If you aren’t craving a salad and water once you leave, you did something wrong.” Everyone knows New Orleans is the place to be for good food, good drinks, good music, and good fun. But, there are so many amazing places, choosing the BEST can be overwhelming – especially once you’ve stopped into a few “to-go cocktail” spots. If you have a limited amount of time in one of America’s greatest foodie cities, here are my MUST stop restaurants and bar recommendations: 

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Fitting the Camp Counselor Experience on Your Resume

How do you quantify the experiences and life lessons you learn around a campfire, out on activities, or in the cabin with your campers and co-counselors into resume snippets? In a role where you are manager, advisor, teacher, playmate, caregiver, hairdresser, coach and so much more, how do you even begin to explain everything you learned and gained during those high school summers?

Camp is something that has shaped my young adult life beyond buzz words and resume bullets that sometimes future employers don’t understand or appreciate. When I left Camp Seafarer after my final summer in 2016, they sent home with me an amazing Staff Resume Resource. Below are the highlights of that document, mixed with my own tips for how to effectively translate to your resume the myriad of experiences, skills, and character traits you develop as a summer camp counselor.

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Ideas To Pass the Time on Your Next Couples Road Trip

This past Easter weekend my boyfriend and I headed to Florida to spend time with his family and enjoy some warmer weather. Although not the longest road trip I’ve ever taken, 7 1/2 hours in the car was not something I was looking forward to. However, time flies when you’re having fun (& in love). Here are some of our favorite road trip car games and activities that you can try with your special someone next time you hit the road.

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The Moments You’ll Miss

Do you ever stop in a moment as you live it and realize, “Wow, one day I’m gonna really miss this?” That just happened to me while sitting at the dining room table of my little college cottage after registering for classes I will take my SENIOR year. Wow. My housemate and I had the same registration time and sat anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 9:00 a.m.

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5 Things You Can’t Miss in Madrid

1) Free Walking Tours

I wish we would have started our trip with this tour, although I’m glad we snagged a spot with Adam from Utah. In his red Bubba Gump hat and waist-length scraggly hair featuring crooked bangs, he was charismatic in both appearance and personality. When I first saw him, in addition to knowing this tour was absolutely free, I was definitely skeptical. However, the free walking tour ended up being a highlight of the trip. Getting a fun history and narrative of the city gave me some context and connection to the unfamiliar streets and sights around me. It was entertaining, informative, compelling, complete and free! I definitely recommend signing up for one at the beginning of your trip. The only cost involved is in the form of a tip. Choose whatever amount you think reflects what the tour was worth.

Plaza Mayor visit on Walking Tour

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The Great Franklin Street Pizza Tour

Why are there so many pizza restaurants on Franklin Street? Every year a new one moves in. What is the logic? It’s like gas stations that move in across the street from one another and compete by the penny for price per gallon. Let’s mix it up. Can I get a Chopt?? Can I get a Cookout????

Anyways, rant complete…

I decided to figure out what was so special about all these joints. In a stroke of genius investigative journalism, I spent the last couple months touring every pizza place on Franklin. Starting from IP3 and eating my way up to Benny’s, one slice at a time.

Drum roll, please…

Below are the final rankings from The Great Franklin Street Pizza Tour:

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