Ultimate 3-Step Interview Hype Up

Hey all you cool cats and kittens!

Ok sorry. #QuarantineDay???

Hi Class of 2020! If you haven’t secured a job yet, you’re like me and feeling pretty #stressed right now. With graduation in less than a month, that “light at the end of the tunnel” we once saw seems more like a deep black hole as the economy plummets to absolute $h!t.

—Oh, if profanity offends you, totally cool, but you should probably stop here.—

So, Class of 2020, in addition to all the proper #socialdistancing and #flattenthecurve precautions we’re taking, we’re also taking ALL the interviews we can get. However, every interview we do secure seems to carry even more anxiety than usual. We realize…this might be our only shot.

We need to make the most of every interview.

The key to a good interview, beyond being qualified for the position, is cOnFiDeNcE. This is where I️ come in to help. (Hey, thanks for reading this far, by the way, you’re a real one!)

This is my go-to, 3-step hype ritual before every interview that never fails (at least in giving me confidence):

1) Put on your favorite, 🔥 outfit!

You will feel comfortable and like the bomb.com. Don’t think your favorite outfit is “typical interview attire”? As long as it couldn’t double as your 21st birthday ‘fit, and still comes across professional in its own way, I’d say maybe go with it? Not only does it bring out your confidence but it also shows your personality.

2) Know what you’re going to say ahead of time.

This includes answers to potential questions they might ask, your life story in a 30-second elevator pitch, and strategic, thoughtful, creative questions to ask the interviewer. (NO, “So, how did you start with -insert company here-?” DOESN’T COUNT AS CREATIVE!)

*Cheesy cliche warning!* If you fail to plan, plan to fail. 


—Ok, really stop here if you don’t like profanity.—

Finally, as the last thing you do right before logging on (or maybe one day walking in) to your interview, watch this video! 👇👇👇

👊👊👊IT’S YOUR TIME RIGHT NOW! Go crush it! 👊👊👊

BONUS: Still trying to secure the interview?

Here are some helpful resources:


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