Segments Worth Sharing

Every morning I️ start my day with a strong cup of coffee, a piece of peanut butter toast and the morning news. My house doesn’t get cable (because we’re ballin’ on a budget) but we do have a smart TV that lets me access the NBC and ABC News apps. After the biggest headlines and hard news have been played, there are always fun, thought provoking or informational longer-form stories that start to queue.

I️ noticed that I️ kept saving story names and URLs in my phone to reference “one day” or maybe share later on social, but never really did. And then I️ thought, why not make a running blog post for them!

So, without further ado, here are some (mostly news, but some podcast or documentary or youtube) segments that I️ have found inspirational, informative, funny or, in some other way, worth sharing.

  • Unnatural Selection | Netflix Series
    • “From eradicating disease to selecting a child’s traits, gene editing gives humans the chance to hack biology. Meet the real people behind the science.” My boyfriend and I️ just started this series and are both fascinated and terrified. A man is working out of his basement to try to genetically modify his dog to glow… This series makes you think about real ethical questions that are not far off, but already here.
  • Unsung Hero | Thai Life Insurance 2014
    • I️ love this commercial not only from a human perspective, but from an ad/PR perspective. Brilliant work that shows the value in emotional appeals. A lovely piece of storytelling with a beautiful message.
  • Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things
    • I️ CAN’T recommend this doc enough. So well said and explained. Minimalism means different things to different people. I️ guarantee you that by the end of this documentary you will think differently about the things you own, why you own them and what should really hold attention, resources and value in your life.
  • Why No One is “Self-Made”|THINK AGAIN.
    • This NBC segment questions what it really means to be “self-made” as well as analyzes pros and cons of the modern “American dream”.
  • Looks Aren’t Everything, Believe Me I’m a Model
    • This one I️ actually saw in my public speaking seminar. We were discussing the use of ethos in “believe me I’m a model”. However, I️ share it with you her because of it’s important critique of privilege and message to young girls that they can be so much more.
  • The Great Hack
    • Ummm, if you haven’t seen this already stop what you’re doing right away and turn it on. This documentary asks important questions about the ethics of big data and the threat it presents to our democratic freedoms.