About Me

The Doerconfident, adventurous, driver

Never idle, I️ like to get stuff done. Constantly juggling my work, passion projects, continued education, social life, family and travel. There are three things in life that should never be wasted – money, a good cup of coffee and time. Life is short and I’ll be damned if I️ don’t get through my bucket list.

The Dreamerjoyful, curious, optimistic

Hailing from my summers as a camp counselor, I️ have on many occasions woken up my roommates to The Circle of Life at top volume while proclaiming “Today is a great day to have a great day!” I️ think we’re here to make others smile, take some time to laugh at ourselves and enjoy an extraordinary, ordinary life.

The Feministwomxn, power, strength

Great work is dependent on having multiple perspectives at the table. There is strength in our differences. It’s important to me to surround myself professionally and personally with diverse groups who push me to see things in a new way, foster connection, and ultimately, lead to a more empathetic, inclusive and empowering community.

The Minimalist simplicity, organization, space

Minimalism is about intentionality and prioritization, not deprivation. I️ wanted to make space in my life for those things I️ actually care about – travel, mindfulness, connection with others, freedom, wholeheartedness. In my work, it’s not about more or less time and energy, but efficiency in what I️ have. As Milton Glaser said, “Less isn’t more. Just enough is more.”

The Environmentalist – sustainability, outdoor adventure, connection to nature

If I️ can compost in Manhattan, you can use a reusable water bottle. Climate change is real.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Get to know me on Instagram!

I️n the words of others, get to know me.

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