About Me

The Doerconfident, adventurous, driver

Never idle, I️ like to get stuff done. Constantly juggling my work, passion projects, continued education, social life, family and travel. There are three things in life that should never be wasted – money, a good cup of coffee and time. Life is short and I’ll be damned if I️ don’t get through my bucket list.

The Dreamerjoyful, curious, optimistic

Hailing from my summers as a camp counselor, I️ have on many occasions woken up my roommates to The Circle of Life at top volume while proclaiming “Today is a great day to have a great day!” I️ think we’re here to make others smile, take some time to laugh at ourselves and always “do our best to relish this remarkable ride” through an extraordinary, ordinary life. (Yes, About Time is my favorite movie.)

The Feministwomxn, power, strength

I️f you feel like a girl then you real like a girl. Join the movement to break glass ceilings and smash the patriarchy. Empower others to do the same.

I️ am very proud to have been raised by parents who treated my brother and I️ as equals throughout my youth. I️ didn’t learn the traditional separations of gender in the home, and for that I️ will always be grateful. Being made to drag in firewood same as my brother, and he to wash dishes after dinner same as me, led me to never question my abilities when facing any obstacle or setting any goal simply because I️ was a girl. We were told the world was our playground and to go get our hands dirty problem solving, building adventures and exploring as equals as often as possible.

The Minimalist simplicity, organization, space

Minimalism is about intentionality and prioritization, not deprivation. I️ wanted to make space in my life for those things I️ actually care about – travel, mindfulness, connection with others, freedom. I️ would always rather spend money on doing than having. Minimalism is environmentally, financially and mentally responsible – don’t let consumerism consume you.

The Environmentalist – sustainability, outdoor adventure, connection to nature

I️ was raised in a home with solar panels, four different types of recycling shoots, regular composting, a garden, heat by way of a wood fire stove in the basement, and cooling by way of opening windows and turning on the whole house fan (a big ass fan upstairs). My dad’s dream was to grow his company, Solar Energy & Design, large enough to one day build a completely solar neighborhood. He lost his battle with cancer before he could see that dream through to fruition, but I️ intend to carry on a tradition of environmental responsibility. Climate change is real. There is no planet B.

The Next…

I️ am large but I️ am also changing. We all have values that give our lives meaning, purpose and structure. As a 20-something, I️ am in the stage of life where I️ am “finding” and “defining” myself, which (contrary to every angsty, coming-of-age, dare to be different narrative tells us) is actually quite alluring. Standing for something feels certain and steady. Controllable. Predictable. Understandable. But honestly, I️ hope that I️ never truly “find myself”. I️ hope that I️ continue to be ever changing, constantly learning, and continually questioning what I️ believe and why. Strict viewpoints are dangerous to progress and acceptance of others. It slows discovery and strengthens the ego. If I️ am to question those who adamantly disagree with me, then I️ better question myself too, to be sure that I️ am sure of what it is I’m standing for. In this way I️ can be humble in my judgements of others and open to varying opinions. We are all made up of a complex system of beliefs, histories, traumas, joys, and experiences. To categorize another as black or white is naïve – we are all a plethora of colors.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

William Shakespear

A picture is worth a thousand words. Get to know me on Instagram! (the captions are pretty good too.)

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